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New This Year On Deep Creek Lake

Mike Kennedy By: Mike Kennedy
February 23rd, 2012
Category: News

Below are a few new regulations being implemented by DNR this year that deal with noise limits and underwater plant growth on Deep Creek Lake.

The new decibel limit for boats on Deep Creek Lake is now 88 decibels. The previous limit was 90 decibels. Natural Resources Police will check loud boats for compliance.

Fabric mats called Benthic mats are now allowed by special permit to be placed on the bottom of Deep Creek Lake underneath and around docks. These mats can suppress the growth of underwater plants also known as submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV). It is the responsibility of the homeowner to purchase the mats, install them, and remove them from the lake.

These changes should help some of the complaints heard on these issues the past few years.

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